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 Sensei James Giffin:

    Sensei Giffin was awarded Sandan (Third Black) in March, 2019.

He has been affectionaltely called, at times, 'Rambo' because of his

aggressive performance and power.





 Brett Young, a native of Bangor, Pennsylvania and residing in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has been officially recognized by me, Shihan Jim Roma [Kudan], as Hachidan [Eighth Black] in karate & modern eclectic jujitsu; Hachidan [Eighth Black] in Vee-jitsu, Vee Jitsu Te, Vee Arnis Jitsu as of February, 2018.



Master Michael A. Filingo: Master Filingo has been recognized by Senior Grand Master Jim Roma as Shichidan (7th black) in the Vee Arts as of March, 2018 and Shigung (Teacher of Teachers) in the Chinese Arts. Go to the following link to read his extensive resume.