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    I began my training at the age of thirteen in 1965.  The style of karate that I studied was a form of Okinawan karate called Isshinryu.  After studying with Sensei Howard Hummel for about two years, I entered a class of Japanese karate known as Shotokan and stayed about two years, taught by Sensei Harold Roberts. From there I studied and practiced Kodokan Judo (sport Judo), several styles of classical jujitsu (such as Kodenkan) and participated in many seminars involving Filipino Arnis (stick and knife techniques also known as Escrima or Kali), Aikido, Tai Chi, and other art forms. Some of my instructors have been Sensei William Snyder, Sensei William Gessner, Shihan Edward Kent, Sensei Tom Moore, Master Moses Powell, Master Guy Savali, Master Bud Estes, Shihan Lamar Fisher, Master Marinas, Master Gaje, Sensei Felix Berrios, Sensei Raymond Pacheco and others.

   From 1973 until he passed away in 1999, I have studied directly under Supreme Grand Master Florendo M. Visitacion (Vi-zi-tah-she-own).  Master Visitacion is known throughout the world as one of this century’s greatest martial artists.  He has appeared in every major martial art magazine and was inducted into the Martial Art Pioneer Hall of Fame.  The style that he taught is called Vee-jitsu. It is named after him and is composed of techniques from all of the major martial art forms: various styles of karate, Kodokan judo, classical and modern jujitsu, Arnis, Kung Fu, American boxing, wrestling, Tai Chi, Aikido, and others.  At the age of twenty-five, I was one of the youngest men to receive the ranking of Professorship, which was Sixth Black (Rokudan).  I am presently ranked personally by Master Visitacion as Ninth Black (Kudan), with One (Shodan) being the first black belt ranking and Tenth (Judan) being the highest black belt ranking. This honor was presented to me personally in 1993 by Supreme Grand Master Visitacion.

   I taught hundreds of people throughout my career and several of them have also become high ranking Vee-jitsu instructors. Most of my instruction took place on the East Coast and I founded the Bangor Vee-jitsu Club of Bangor, Pa.  For over six years I taught a children’s class of sport judo, often having as many as eighty children enrolled. I often traveled with Master Visitacion as his partner in demonstrations of the arts.  We performed together in many places, such as New York City, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and California.  In 1975 I traveled with him twice to California and appeared with him in an issue of Inside Kung Fu magazine after we visited with David Chow, assistant director for the original movie Kung Fu.

   During the eighties and the early nineties, I would travel to New York City to train under Master Visitacion. I have performed in demonstrations for public schools, church groups, youth rallies, and the like.

    On April 24, 2000, I officially founded the Akron (Ohio) Vee-jitsu Club where I still teach. I am often a guest instructor in various martial arts schools. In 2003 I was honored by receiving the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award and placed in the Worldwide Alliance of Martial Artists Hall of Fame. I was inducted into the Eastern Unites States of America International Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame in 2014 and inducted into the the Columbus Ohio World of Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2017. May the honors given to me bring honor to the name of my close friend and personal mentor, Professor Vee.

         From 1993 to July, 2018 I was the Pastor of the Wintergreen Ledges Church of God in Akron, Ohio. I have retired from Senior Pastor ministry and now serve in other ministry capacities.